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Curriculum Vitae

Employment history

2003: Fellow, Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Harvard Law School.

1988-2002: Founder and CEO, UserLand Software, Inc.

1994-1996: Contributing Editor, Wired.

1981-1988: Founder and CEO, Living Videotext, Inc. (Acquired by Symantec in 1987.)

1979-1981: Lead developer, Personal Software, Inc.


1978: MS, Computer Science, University of Wisconsin.

1976: BA, Mathematics, Tulane University.

1972: Bronx High School of Science.

Standards work/Formats and protocols

2009: rssCloud, sole author.

2007: OPML 2.0, sole author.

2002: RSS 2.0, sole author.

2001: RSS 0.92, sole author.

2000: SOAP 1.1, co-author, with Microsoft and IBM.

2000: OPML 1.0, sole author.

1999: RSS 0.91, co-author, with Netscape.

1998: XML-RPC, co-author, with Microsoft.

Major software products/Web services

2005-2009: OPML Editor, River2 aggregator, realtime web authoring tools.

2001-2004: Podcasting (with Adam Curry and others).

2001-2002: Radio UserLand, desktop content management, news aggregator, decentralized.

1999-2002: Weblogs.Com, centralized change notification service.

1999: My.UserLand.Com, first RSS-based news aggregator, centralized.

1999: Manila, easy to use Web content management system.

1992-1998: Frontier scripting environment for Macintosh and Windows.

1981-1988: First outliners, ThinkTank, Ready and MORE; for Apple II, IBM PC and Macintosh.

Honors and Awards

InfoWorld Top Ten Technology Innovator, 2002.

Chosen Tech Renegade by Wired (top award) in 2001 for work on SOAP with Microsoft.

Chair of distributed computing track at WWW9 conference in 2000 in Amsterdam.

MORE 1.1 chosen product of the year by MacUser in 1986.


1997: Started Scripting News, the longest currently running weblog on the Internet.

1996: 24 Hours of Democracy, an experiment in collaborative free speech in response to the Communication Decency Act. Also served as a "moon mission" for principles of Web content management, applied in Frontier, later the same year. The 24 Hours project also contained my first weblog.

1994: Started DaveNet, a personally published column, first of its kind. Read by the leading thinkers in software, networking and tech finance.


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